AWS – a typical architecture of web application

There are actually many questions raised on how to skizz the right architecture for a web application, while moving it to AWS.

It’s obviously not always exactly one right answer for this type of question, as the requirements for such a web application are much different between each, which the then required architecture has to be aligned with. Other factor are the services provided by AWS. They can be used to replace each other, which is actually not always clear on why this and not the other.

But the following architecture would expose an idea on average how a web application should look like inside AWS landscape.

The auto-scaler part must not always be used, as it connects to maybe some unwanted additional cost. Especially when the app got attacked by DDos. We could save this part by presenting a provisioning mechanism on how heavy our application will be used. The EC2 cluster could then be configured to have the right amount of instances, whereas those load could be easily managed.

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